Halo Shenseen Toothpaste


The unique Shenseen formula contains cranberry extracts that provide complete protection of the mouth.

Using Halo Shenseen Toothpaste daily will efficiently cleanse teeth, reduce germs rate and prevent cavities.

The toothpaste leaves a clean and fresh feeling in the mouth, while whitening your teeth.

Proanthocyanidins can be found in cranberries.

Shenseen contains cranberry extract.

They have a positive effect on your teeth and can help with various problems such as killing the germs on your teeth.

In addition, there is less of a chance of gum disease.

The cranberry extract has anti-inflammatory qualities that help keep your teeth white and healthy.


Key ingredients:

Dead Sea salt, Cranberry extract, Sorbitol, Orange oil, Camellia extract, Cranberry Mint oil.

Additional information

Weight 0.115 kg

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